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Femmy Permatasari

Femmy Permatasari in Sexy Lingerie

Initially, Syur photographs The artist Femmy Permatasari That circled in the magazine Popular Considered just very cool. Femmy Then did not want adopted spoke about the matter of photographs of his section. The reason is, Femmy Did not want to aggravate the problem in his family.

Although silent, the news about the photographs even continued to be put forward in the presentation infotainment, Hotshot . Femmy Personally witnessed Hotshot , that showed his ‘hot’ photograph. Moreover, also in the presentation show these photographs clearly.

“From first the photograph goes out now, I not had wanted to go out” Statement This matter. Therefore I was surprised when watching infotainment, precisely the matter of the photograph went out. In fact they interviewed me the matter yoga and the method treated beauty. Moreover I would had Vertigo . So I felt I was prepared then, said Femmy When being contacted via telephoned, on Thursday (22/3).

Femmy Admits to, currently maintaining his relations with the husband after the photograph circulated. This bloody Tionghoa woman did not want to aggravate the atmosphere only because of the comment that went out in the media.

“Come on, help me in order to not have anything with my family.” It was just honest, my husband now was Be in a bad mood Because of the matter of this photograph, he said.

When being asked about whether Femmy Did not ask permission to the husband when accepting this photograph offer? He answered, “he half-hearted permitted.” Moreover now show in the TV, he so more not liked. My husband not all that agreed. that`s it, I not will want to speak anything again, later became long.

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